‘Deepavali’ also known as ‘the festival of lights’ is celebrated usually in the month of October or November. It falls on the day of ‘Amavasyaa‘ or the new moon night.

Light, being symbol of hope and positive things, indicates the victory of good over evil. And by spreading light in every corner of our premises we try to destroy the reign of darkness on the night of diwali. It is a tradition to light our homes and offices on diwali. People decorate paths with diyas, electric bulbs series and other decorative electric items to make their surroundings filled with colorful light and to make it bright and beautiful. The ultimate beauty created by lighting all over is the main feature that makes this festival unique. 




On Karva Chauth day, tens of millions of women keep a fast, taking neither food nor water, for the well being and long life of their husbands. The fast of Karwa Chawth truly sets the merry tone of the fun and frolic, festivity and feasting that come in good measure during Diwali – the biggest festival of the Hindus. Even the ‘hip-hop’ generation now celebrates the ‘My Family’ spirit, with Karva Chauth having become a cool fad among teenagers. For some of these youngsters it’s a trend, for others it’s pure devotion, and there are still others for whom it’s just fun giving company to her mother who observes the fast.

Tradition /Preparations:

Karwa means clay pot and chauth means fourth night after the full moon. It has great social and cultural significance and is mostly practiced in Northern India where wives start their fast at night just after the appearance of the moon, within sight of their husbands. They then wait until the next night’s moonrise to begin the fast breaking ceremonies, without consuming any food or drink.

A few days before Karva Chauth, married women would buy new karvas (spherical clay pots) — 7″-9″ in diameter and 2-3 litres capacity — and paint them on the outside with beautiful designs. Inside they would put bangles and ribbons, home-made candy and sweets, make-up items, and small clothes. The women would then visit each other on the day of Karva Chauth and exchange these karvas.


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP): U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal became the nation’s youngest governor and the first nonwhite to hold post in Louisiana since Reconstruction when he carried more than half the vote to defeat 11 opponents.

Bobby Jindal 

Jindal, the Republican 36-year-old son of Indian immigrants, had 53 percent with 625,036 votes with about 92 percent of the vote tallied. It was more than enough to win Saturday’s election outright and avoid a November 17 runoff.

The Oxford-educated Jindal had lost the governor’s race four years ago to Gov. Kathleen Blanco. He won a congressional seat in conservative suburban New Orleans a year later but was widely believed to have his eye on the governor’s mansion 

“My mom and dad came to this country in pursuit of the American dream. And guess what happened. They found the American Dream to be alive and well right here in Louisiana,” he said to cheers and applause at his victory party.

Another indian — on the roads to success, reaching out to the stars.

src: http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/10/21/louisiana.governor.ap/index.html

Nav-Ratri – The festival of nine nights is one of the most prominent festivals of Hinduism dedicated to chiefly Mother Durga an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. This is the most pious and pure time in the complete Hindu calendar. These nine nights are dedicated to the three main goddesses of Hinduism – Parvati, Lakshmi and Sarasvati. (more…)

navratri.gif navratri-book-cover.jpg navratri.gif

Sarvamangal Mangalye ,

Shive Sarwardh Sadhike,
Sharanye Trayambake Gauri…..

Narayani Namastute…..

This is a hymn recited by millions everyday bekoning the aadishakti…

May you find anand in all that you do on this Nav aratri

Best wishes from the Bhartiya Naagrik





Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jay He
Bharat Bhagya Vidhaata
Punjab Sindh Gujrat Maraatha
Dravida Utkal Vanga
Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga
Uchhal Jaladhi Taranga
Tav Shubha Name Jage
Tav Shubha Ashish Mange

Gahe Tav Jay Gaatha
Jan Gan Mangal Dayak Jay He Bharat Bhagya Vidhaata
Jay He ,  Jay He ,  Jay He
Jay Jay Jay Jay He ………..

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