(June 21, 1953 – December 27, 2007) 

Bhutto, Pakistan’s opposition leader and twice previously prime minister, was killed in a suicide bombing on Thursday as she campaigned in the northern city of Rawalpindi, ahead of elections due in January. She had spent many years in exile in Britain, only returning to her homeland earlier this year.

Bhartiya Naagrik” pays tribute to the leader who was believed to be the only hope for establishing democracy in Pakistan.

Washington post:

Bhutto was fearless, from her college years in America to her cruel assassination yesterday. She had an unshakable belief that Pakistan should embrace the modern world with the same confidence and courage that she had. She believed in democracy, freedom and openness — not as slogans but as a way of life.

Gordon Brown, UK PM:

Benazir Bhutto was a woman of immense personal courage and bravery. Knowing, as she did, the threats to her life, the previous attempt at assassination, she risked everything in her attempt to win democracy in Pakistan, and she has been assassinated by cowards afraid of democracy.

David Cameron, a conservative leader:

Today Pakistan has lost one of its bravest daughters. Those responsible have not only murdered a courageous leader but have put at risk hopes for the country’s return to democracy.